Sunday, 16 May 2010

World Champions!!!

What a performance, England delivered an absolute battering to Australia today, winning by seven wickets with three overs to spare.  England have been the best team throughout the tournament and deserved to win, and produced a really first class Twenty20 performance.

They put Australia in to bat, knowing that Australia are very confident chasing almost any total, and duly reduced them to 8 for 3.  The Husseys and White propelled them to 147, but England made sure that total looked at least 25 runs short.

There was a tiny wobble when KP and Kieswetter got out in quick succession and maybe in the olden days England would've gone into their shells, but who should come to the crease?  Sir Eoin of Morganshire - he doesn't even have a shell to go back into.

It was a ruthless performance of the sort that England just haven't produced in the past.  Much credit should go to Collingwood, superb captaincy throughout, and also Andy Flower who has proved himself an excellent coach.  

Player of the tournament for England?  Very tough one to call, Kies and Lumb's impetus was vital, Morgan's runs were important and incredibly skilful likewise and Swann's bowling was right on the money throughout, but one man really imposed himself on every opposition he played against, step forward Kevin Pietersen.  Runs, buckets of them, and quickly too, he is a critical part of this team but it is by no means a one man team.  England won this as a unit, and a bloody good one at that!


manutd24 said...

Terrific stuff!

The nails were bitten as soon as Kies went out but thankfully Morgan and Colly prevailed without much difficulty.

That 2nd wicket partnership was fantastic and the wicket suited them perfectly.

Hopefully, the football lads were watching - proud to be an Englishman!

GreenJJ said...

There was no need to worry even when Kieswetter got out, but being English, of course we all did! Kies was immense today, really proved himself worthy of the big occasion, he'll go a long way (also might keep Steve Davies out of the team - means he can play more for Surrey!).

haitchjg said...

See....all is well now that Gordons gone....England on top at ICC20/20, Amir Khan wins in New York....pity about Monaco but at least a colonial won!

Wes said...

Kies didn't frickn deserve to get out, the K-Pie should have walked much earlier instead. Stupid two minds here. England were stunning from the minute the entered the tournament. Poms! Gnnmmph. There was never a reason for you guys to get worried after the first big shots.

GreenJJ, Pietersen did indeed bag the player of the tournament. I was furious!!!

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