Monday, 10 May 2010

Eight bowlers, six wickets - tough day for the youngsters

Surrey weren't completely outplayed by Bangladesh, but Jahurul Islam and Mohammed Ashraful with 158 and 89 respectively showed their class. Surrey's eight bowlers toiled through over 100 overs and it was only late in the day that wickets fell in any significant numbers.

Tom Jewell bowled 16 economical overs for just 22 runs, and Matt Dunn had a promising outing picking up 3-48, his wickets coming towards the end of the day and dragging Surrey back from the brink.

Meaker bowled just six overs for some reason, I don't know if it was an injury or if Schofield just preferred to bowl himself and Simon King. King was expensive throughout and only picked up a single wicket, I would be very disappointed to see him drafted into the first team on the basis of that performance.

Shakib is still at the crease and Rubel and Shahadat can fling the bat about, but Surrey should look to finish them off sharpish. Whether that happens or not I wouldn't expect anything other than a draw in this one.

Surrey will come out of it with some credit. Lancefield and Dunn are the standout performers for me (Spriegel and Meaker have already shown their talents before now) and I would not be disappointed to see the pair of them featuring plenty in the remainder of our season. Incredibly, our County Championship season is close to a write off already, so we might as well give Dunn, Meaker and Jewell plenty of overs and assess their performances as we go along.


Rich said...

Meaker has a foot injury unfortunately.

Wes said...

Nooo! Don't give up just yet. Shakib is a nut to bust but you can pull the plug on the other side if you make use of the new day and the dizzy morning heads! Good luck! Silly Ashraful and his newly discovered confidence...
PS could you perhaps fix the scorecard link please, it is nice to pop in here and have a quick glimpse at the latest proceedings,

~ Wes ~

GreenJJ said...

I do apologise, i've now fixed it, thanks for flagging that up Wes! They declared overnight, so our bats have got another chance!