Tuesday, 4 May 2010

England through, Ireland hard done by

Three and half hours.  210 minutes.  12,600 seconds.  That's the amount of time I wasted on the game tonight, all because the utter incompetents at the ICC have scheduled a Twenty20 CRICKET (as sport which can't be played in the rain) tournament during Guyana's rainy season.  A cursory glance at some website I got to from Google will tell you that 50% of Guyana's total annual rainfall falls in May and June.  I'm going to revert to type here and blame that pesky Lalit Modi.  The ICC couldn't possibly schedule something to clash with Lalit's jamboree, so now we're stuck with these farcical 'matches'.  I realise that might be a touch irrational, but its my blog and I'll say what I want!

So that all resulted in Ireland being very hard done by and cheated out of running England very close and it cheated the fans and viewers out of what would very likely have been a close finish.  For the second night in a row the weather has ruined the cricket.  I understand that is the last game that will be played in Guyana, which is something of a relief.

England were a changed team, none of the fearlessness which they showed last night was on display, but in their defence it was a much trickier target, and they didn't have Ravi Rampaul's pies to put away.  I have a feeling England would've won anyway tonight given the full 20 overs, but either way they were again indebted to Eoin Morgan who played sensibly rather than spectacularly for 45 off 37 balls.  He is already completely indispensable.  Paul Collingwood's form is slightly troubling, but I'll leave that for now.

So England progress, and we'll be in a group with New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa I think, and they should fancy their chances against all of them.  New Zealand are a worthy side but beatable, Pakistan are too mercurial for their own good and South Africa seemed all at sea with their order against India.  I'm looking forward to the rest of this tournament!


Wes said...

I agree with you on the retarded scheduling, but isn't it an experience to find out how nerve-wrecking three hours of total nothingness can be. The whole town knows now that Lumb took a catch. Yeah it's crap for Ireland but England need to progress or Oz can't beat them in the final ^^ Colly does indeed look a tad worrying, one would have thought that his test batting helps him especially through such soft-bowling low-scorers.


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GreenJJ said...

Yeah you're right, three hours of completely pointless non-activity is a hell of an experience. It'll be interesting to see how Australia go tonight, against a weaker side, think they might stumble? I doubt it!