Thursday, 13 May 2010

The England juggernaut rumbles on

They could at least have made it a nailbiter, some sort of top order collapse or a sudden flurry of wickets towards the end, but no, it was a thoroughly professional annihilation of Sri Lanka by seven wickets with four overs to spare.

The bowlers did their bit, Swann and Yardy tied down the batsmen in the middle overs bowling 8 overs straight for just 41 runs. They were able to tie SL down quite so well because England's three seamers each picked up a wicket in the first three overs.

Then the batsmen came out and just went about the total very sensibly but aggressively. Kieswetter in particular was excellent, his footwork against the spinners is quite excellent, and he continues to hit sixes while being incredibly lucky!

The form book says that England will almost certainly be playing Australia come Sunday, and it will be tough on that harder pitch in Bridgetown, but who's to say Lumb and Kieswetter won't enjoy that extra pace on the ball. And surely Tait has to implode at some point, he's been far too economical for my liking so far!

There are still little niggles, Bresnan's final over was messy, three wides did his figures no favours at all, and there were a couple of near-runouts early in the England innings when poor Sri Lankan fielding let them off in hilarious style.

England will have to be right on top of their game against a crack Aussie outfit on Sunday (no disrespect to Pakistan, I hope they make it, but I don't think they will). The Aussie bowlers have been superb, and though their top order has failed twice, in Warner, Watson, the Husseys and White they have some of the most destructive and in-form batsmen anywhere in the world. It will be a massive challenge, but this England side, more than any other in recent memory, is capable of taking the game right to them, good luck lads!


Wes said...

I agree to every word except for supporting Pakistan, which is of course utterly wrong but understandable^^.

Arghh you praise the Kies! This is massive. Everybody is moistening themselves over KP, and you praise Kiespower's footwork! Heck. I am grinning like a retarded monkey. In another life Kies was a dancer!

The match was great to watch, entertaining to see how you walked all over the Lankans. Malinga (!!!) taking Kies posed the anticlimax though.


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GreenJJ said...

To be perfectly honest I wouldn't mind an Aussie win v Pakistan, that battery of quicks has been a pleasure to watch and it'd only be right for the two best teams to play in the final (cannot believe I'm saying that about an England side!). And as for my praise of Kieswetter, everyone else was banging on about KP so I didn't think it needed repeating here!