Thursday, 6 May 2010

England win a full game of cricket (it didn't rain)

First things first, we did not have any rain interruptions, so I can (temporarily at least) stop moaning about ICC scheduling and Lalit Modi - I emphatically do not rule out returning to that though!

England brushed aside the reigning T20 world champions today by six wickets, Pakistan looked a little bit disinterested, but take nothing away from England, we batted, bowled and fielded well. KP hitting his stride just in time for him to bugger off home to see his wife is also ideal...oh wait, no its not. The thought of replacing KP with Ravi Bopara is a bit upsetting though.

Anderson still couldn't get in the side, and Sidebottom didn't disgrace himself, so there's little chance of poor old Jimmy getting in the side for the next match either, who has he upset exactly?! Yardy bowled well, and since they seem reluctant to have him bat too much, its a good job he's proving his worth with the ball!

Aamer, Asif and Razzaq should've proved more of an obstacle than they did, but they were dispatched with relative ease. Depending on which way the pitches go, Morne Morkel, Dale Steyn and Shane Bond will prove more of a challenge in the coming matches.

But all you can do is win the games you play, and England didn't even need a Morgan-inspired escape act to do it today, so there is much to be happy about after game number one of the Super Eights stage for England.


greyblazer said...

Siders was lucky and Bresnan now averages 65 with a e/r of over 9. It isn't like Bresnan can score lots of runs in t/20 games.

Wes said...

GB you forgot to mention KP's heroic 73 ^^
Anyway it was a really entertaining match, comedy gold in the Pak field but I think the English attack isn't yet in the pot where it's cooking.


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GreenJJ said...

The continual drops from Ajmal were hilarious, their fielding is a constant worry, you just don't know what you're going to get. That was the first match where we bowled a full quota, so perhaps they're taking a while to hit their straps.