Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Arise Sir Christopher of Tremlettshire

Figures of 4-35 confirmed that Chris Tremlett, if he stays fit, will be a potent force for Surrey this season.  Only Franklin, Snell and surprisingly Banerjee offered any resistance for Gloucestershire and I'm told that Tremlett bowled with real pace and aggression to register his first wickets for the club.

Rao also picked up a couple but was still a bit expensive, Meaker picked up a solitary wicket but was economical, Dernbach didn't register in the wickets column but similarly didn't leak too many runs.

But the real interest came when Surrey came out to bat the final half hour of the day, with six bowlers named in the side I was expecting to see RHB at the sharp end, but lo and behold Gareth Batty came out to partner Arun Harinath to the end of the day.  Unfortunately he fell before the close, but by then he'd already put on 50 with the youngster and the experiment had gone quite well!  Don't think it'll last though....

Tomorrow Surrey need to come out fighting, the weather looks less overcast than today so slightly better for batting.  We need to post a huge total, and given the size of our tail, Harinath, Ramps, Afzaal, RHB and Davies are going to have to add the bulk of the runs - they're more than good enough to do so and some lusty lower order blows from Meaker and Schofield can take us to a formidable total.

Today's play has continued the turnaround since the dreadful performance at Hove and I firmly believe tomorrow Surrey can continue that, come on lads!


Rich said...

Superb yesterday and it shows how much we missed Tremlett. If you're going to be overly critical, then you could argue that we let them get 30ish too many, but if we can put on 400 at the rate we're going at the moment, then we should win this game.

GreenJJ said...

Their last wicket pair was frustrating, but that can happen sometimes, so I'll let them off this time. We do need to make sure we're clinical in finishing sides off though. Batty to give him his due has given us a good start and all our best bats are still in the hutch, I hope we can really ram it home today....if you'll pardon the expression.