Friday, 5 March 2010

Video of the week: Flying Stumps

The first ever video of the week is this magnificent collection of stump-splatterers from around the world:

My personal favourite is of course at 1m 43s, where an utterly flummoxed Michael Clarke has his off stump flattened by Simon Jones (remember him?!) at Old Trafford in the 2005 Ashes series.


Rishabh said...

Nel has some batshit moments in there... my favourite was Warne... the only spinner in there!

GreenJJ said...

I forgot how good Nel could be! If only he was that quick for Surrey these days. Batshit is a brilliant word by the way.

Rishabh said...

Ah, that's where he is... wondering where he was off to, i last saw him in the IPL a couple of years ago. Was batshit then, too.