Thursday, 25 March 2010

Damien Martyn: He Was Class

So it seems we've seen the last of Damien Martyn, after a scratchy innings for the Rajasthan Royals he was trimmed from their squad, and doesn't look likely to make a return.

His record stacks up pretty well, 67 test matches, 4400 runs at an average of 46, 208 ODIs with 5300 runs at 41, numbers that most of the current crop of England players would give their right arm for (once their playing career is over).

However, its not that which I'll remember best, its his grace and class with the bat that will stick in my mind. I don't think I've ever seen a more elegant batsman to watch at the crease. Sure there are more destructive players, there are players who scored more runs and scored them quicker. But none of them did it in such an aesthetically pleasing manner!

Criminally there are very few videos of Martyn batting around, or at least that I can find. The only one that isn't of him getting out is this one of him hitting a delicious six off former Surrey legend Azhar Mahmood in 2002. You just get a glimpse of him sashaying down the wicket and delightfully plonking Mahmood over the boundary ropes. This doesn't come close to doing him justice, but it'll have to do:


Rich Abbott said...

Spot on post mate. I actually think that aesthetically he might be the best batsman I've seen in my lifetime. Yep, reckon he just about edges out Vaughan in his pomp. It may only be one shot, but the grace and effortlessness of the six in that video gives an indication, if not the full picture, of his style.

GreenJJ said...

At last, a fellow Martyn-appreciator! Not so convinced by his Twitter-ramblings though, almost as annoying and spelling error-filled as Warnie's.