Thursday, 25 March 2010

ECB shows the way forward

Didn't think I'd be writing that any time soon, but show they way forward they have, in my opinion, with this suggestion that the Second XI one day tournament will be played as two innings a side affairs.

With the full county one day tournament being switched from 40 overs per side from 50, again rightly in my opinion (80 overs is much better to watch than 100, it just works - the ICC should follow suit), its a simple enough job to split the teams' 40 overs into two innings for the second XIs.

The first ten overs of each sides first innings will be powerplays, and then there will be 10 more overs of powerplays for each side, presumably they can be taken either in the first or second innings - are you still awake at the back?! I think this is a brilliant idea, it'll be interesting to see how it goes, but it could lead to some really interesting matches.

When will sides take their powerplays? Will the bowling side take it immediately after the first block of ten, like they do now in 50 over contests, or will they delay it and take it at the start of the opposition's second innings? When will the batting side take theirs - to capitalise on a good start, or will they save it for the slog at the end?

This will create a whole new dynamic in the game and that can only be a good thing, I'll have to try and get to a few Second XI Championship one day matches!

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