Sunday, 11 April 2010 it still 2009?

Another day at the Oval, another upsetting performance from Surrey. Ok, it wasn't dreadful - Ramps' 109th first class hundred was impressive and Batty played well for his 65, but really Chris Rogers showed us all what a pitch this is.

Rogers has now collected 299 runs to himself on a pitch where all Surrey's 11 men could only muster 352. Take nothing away from Rogers, he's a class act, but Surrey have been found wanting throughout in this game.

To be fair, Surrey did a decent job in making it to 352, Nel's lively 37 proving important, but when the sides emerged after the innings break - Derbyshire already 99 runs ahead, plenty of runs were there for the taking. Nel and Dernbach were confusingly only given three overs each before the woeful Meaker was given a go. I understand he bowled ok yesterday morning, but in his spell today there were at least two four-balls an over, it was nowhere near the standard we ought to expect of our players.

Rogers merrily tucked in, as well he might, and Derbyshire now sit 260 runs ahead and the prospect of Rogers biffing a few quickly after getting his hundred tomorrow morning could mean a tricky few sessions for Surrey's batsmen.

In other news, Rao Ifthikar Anjum has now apparently arrived, visa issues cleared up, and he'll be available for the game at Hove next week. If I was Stuart Meaker or Tim Linley I'd be looking at making alternative arrangements next weekend. Rao ought to slip in to the attack and if available, Tremlett should too. Eight bowlers have bowled for Surrey in this game, with very little success - here's hoping that next time out fewer have a bit more success.


Rich Abbott said...

Sounds a very fair assessment. It's been disappointing. However, an attack of Nel, Tremlett, Dernbach, Rao and Batty - plus a bit of H-B - should have a fair bit of bite to it. Let's hope we see it next week!

GreenJJ said...

I agree, they've got to risk Tremlett at some point, and Sussex would probably be odds-on favourites for Div 2 I would say, so it would be sensible to put him out next week. I could be persuaded by a four man attack too I think, just not sure our batting is strong enough to have a 5 man attack with Batty at 7 - not withstanding his excellent knock today - I'd just be very happy with Davies at 7, Batty at 8 and then the rest. I know our bowling attack hasn't exactly been incisive this game, but you'd have to say on the strength of this performance Rao might be likely to offer more of a wicket taking threat than Meaker and Linley combined!

greyblazer said...

Rao is suited to conditions when there is a bit of sideways movement on offer but at Oval he can be innocuous. Having said that Rao is better than Meaker.

Rich said...

I have a horrible feeling we could capitulate today. I was really looking forward to this season, and whilst I know it is still early, this is not the start I was hoping for!!

GreenJJ said...

I think the Derbyshire bowlers proved there's something in this pitch, I'm hopeful it might be a bit more of a result pitch this season and the likes of Rao and Tremlett ought to be able to extract more.

Likewise Rich, I fear they might too. I was cautiously optimistic but it feels like same old Surrey, and you're right it is early days but after one win in 31 (soon to be 32) matches, we're entitled to expect an improvement. This has not been an improvement - no strike bowlers, Ramps getting all the runs, and plenty of dropped catches - how is this any different from 2008/2009?!

The only way is up I suppose!

Rich said...

Agreed - It's no different far. At least we got an early wicket through Spriegel. Rogers is still in though.

GreenJJ - Do you go to all the games?

GreenJJ said...

Why didn't Spriegel bowl a single ball first innings? Odd. I know its early days, I ought to resist the temptation to be overly critical just now, just very frustrated!

I try to get to the Oval on the weekend as often as possible, my pesky day job gets in the way the rest of the time!

Rich said...

Looks like they're accelerating now - I do worry about the ability of our openers to see off the first 10 / 15 overs when they do eventually declare.

Not sure why he didn't bowl in the first, seems an odd one to me....especially with the limited success of the seamers.

I rarely go to championship games, I go to the T20 oval games (& Lords) and then go along to the one day game at Guildford each yeah which we used to win without fail....not been the case for the last few seasons!!

Rich said...

Dernback has bowled two one over spells today, and been taken to the cleaners in both of them.

GreenJJ said...

Hardly surprising, he's had a poor game, in fact he's never quite scaled the heights he hit in 2008, largely down to injury i suspect. Hopefully he'll come good through the season. Surrey 9-1 in second innings, Ramps has work to do!