Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Chris Adams sacked

As most of you will know by now, Chris Adams and Ian Salisbury have been relieved of their duties at Surrey. I've expressed my thoughts on ESPNCricinfo's County Cricket blogging network here.

Sad as it always is for a club to part company with a coach, this has to be seen as an opportunity to refresh. I hope we can get someone in who can lead this talented squad to the success it deserves. I also wish Adams and Salisbury all the best and hope they find success elsewhere.


miltonkeynesman said...

Josh - read your blog on CricInfo yesterday. I guess this parting had been well telegraphed. I hope they can find a top coach and coaching team, as opposed to top retired cricketers who happen to coach. Getting it right wont be easy, but a lot of our players particularly the bowlers have under achieved this year - not sure what that says about Stuart Barnes' influence?

Anyway interesting times. I could have done without rentaquote Michael Vaughan's comments on the matter. He always seems to be the first with an opinion and not necessarily a valid one. I wonder if he is looking to take over the Trueman/Boycott curmudgeonly Yorkshireman mantle ?

Actually have been very impressed with some of the new faces/voices on the Radio 5 Champions Trophy commentary. Some less famous names but some good and informative stuff. Looking at your blog photo perhaps you are cultivating a "Bill Frindall, Bearded Wonder" look to make a bid to get on air? BTW that was meant to be a compliment!!

Here's to a successful trip to Yorkshire with KP in the team. Sadly I would guess Gary Wilson will miss out unless they leave out Ansari and go with three seamers and de Bruyn.


GreenJJ said...


Haha! Not sure about being a bearded wonder, bearded yes, but not such a wonder as Frindall!

Indeed not a massive surprise, although the timing (after the Sussex game not the Essex game) was a bit odd. The right decision though, of that I'm certain. I'm not sure about Barnes, I know very little of him but he comes very highly regarded. Agree with you though that the bowling hasn't exactly covered itself in glory, but maybe they're just adapting to new methods?

Vaughan is a pain, like you say he's a rent-a-quote and just says things to get a rise out of people half the time.

I'm assuming Wilson misses out which is a huge shame really, but difficult to see how it could be anyone else. I guess he will come straight back in though. Looking at the forecast, we might not get any play at all!

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