Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The near...and the far

The rain arrived as expected but it might not yet get in the way of this game completely, 72 overs were bowled today and largely thanks to Jason Roy and Rory Hamilton-Brown Surrey have moved into a good position at the end of the first day.

Neither registered a century, but both hit substantial half centuries at or above a run a ball, with Hamilton-Brown getting himself out on 96 going for one more big one to complete what would have been his third century of the season, all registered at or above a strike rate of 100.  Jason Roy was indeed put in to open (I won't claim credit this time...) and put in probably the most assured performance of any Surrey batsman this season at the top of the order with 69 from just 72 balls.

Poor old Kevin Pietersen was seen off by yet another left arm spinner, this time the experienced old pro rather than the young tyro who got him out in the Pro40, Dean Cosker got the decision apparently after a long delay from the umpire - perhaps he was anxious that England's key batsman got some runs and only gave him out grudgingly.

The day finished with Schofield, who was picked ahead of Harinath (and perhaps wisely, there are reports of significant turn already) and Batty unbeaten at the crease with Surrey on 324-6, with fully 40 overs to collect the 78 runs we need for full batting bonus.

For Hamilton-Brown to miss out on a hundred like that must rankle with him, he was pulling Surrey into a really strong position and if he'd just pushed it around to get to his hundred he could've gone ballistic after the landmark.  The age-old adage of 'that's the way he plays' will only hold for so long, the odd 100 from 80 balls interspersed with lots of 20s from 15 balls won't do from the skipper.

So what will tomorrow hold?  The forecast is worse than it was for today, but you never know, we might get a few overs here and there.  Such has been the pace of this innings, a result inside three days might not be beyond the realms of possibility - the forecast is markedly better for Thursday and Friday.  If in between the showers Schofield and Batty can rack 80-100 more in double quick time, the prospect of being on and off the field will not please the Glamorgan top order.

Oh and KP really ought to bag some runs second innings if he wants to silence the doubters....


Chappers said...

in a comical one rule for one and another for someone else - Jason Roy batted well on good pitch (according to the Radio commentary) long may it continue.

As for KP - he got a 0 it happens

Then there is our skipper - it was Mark Ramprakash who said, when interviewed at the start of the season: "younger players who say that's just the way I play. They're not being tough enough on themselves."
It was a good knock - but playing as well as he was it could have been so much more...
Any broken records here? - and not the sort we want to see.

GreenJJ said...

Great spot Chappers, I'd forgotten Ramps said that, quite right he was too. He'll be kicking himself I'm sure, in the final analysis of the season the difference between two hundreds and three hundreds will be painful for him I bet!

Chappers said...

On the "we need a quick bowling alrounder" point from the other day.

Chris Jordan has been seen at the oval today having a little bowl at lunchtime. If he is ever fit again, he would save us getting the cheque book out!

GreenJJ said...

Jordan would give nice balance to the side, with a couple of BIG ifs. Firstly, IF he stays fit, and his record is lamentable. Second, IF he's still up to it. His bowling never struck me as devastating and before the injury there were only flashes of classy batting (admittedly he was on an upward curve). I'd love to see him succeed because he'd be perfect balance-wise. That said, I think a spinning allrounder (genuine allrounder, not Batty/Schofield-like) would be good too!