Thursday, 9 September 2010

The looming draw

Some torrential rain in South London cost a good few overs today and it might sound like a whinge, but the weather has cost us the chance to push for the win in at least two games this season.

This one might yet turn out to be a thriller but Huw Waters and Jim Allenby's last wicket partnership, and some general obdurateness from Glamorgan have probably made this game safe from their point of view.  They might've fancied a declaration in arrears earlier today but the time taken out of the game by the weather made that very unlikely.

On the plus side, Stuart Meaker picked up his second five-for of the season, his economy rate of over 4 runs per over is less than ideal, but if he can tighten up his line a bit he is a real wicket taking threat.  Tremlett is on the cusp of his seventh four wicket haul of the season too in another impressive performance.

At one point in the day, when over 70 overs had been bowled, the spinners accounted for about 10 of them, which makes the selection of a pair of them all the more confusing.  Of course the conditions suited the seamers more, but a cursory glance at the weather forecast on Tuesday would have told Chris Adams that was likely to be the case this week.  In the end Batty and Schofield bowled 19 overs in the day, collecting just one wicket between them.  The lack of a penetrating spinner this season has cost us oh so dearly.

Tomorrow morning will hopefully see Tremlett pick up his fourth or Meaker his sixth (Dernbach seems off colour in this game, worryingly) and then who knows what could happen from there.  A lead of 100 could very quickly become 300 with Jason Roy, Kevin Pietersen and Hamilton-Brown in the side and then with a good few overs to bowl at Glamorgan a collapse could be induced.  Its hugely unlikely though, the pitch won't have deteriorated much and I hardly need mention that Batty and Schofield aren't likely to be running through Glamorgan tomorrow afternoon.

Whatever happens I really hope we see some attacking play from Hamilton-Brown, not just with his batting (does he know any other way?!) but with his captaincy too.  Nothing reckless, just good positive cricket.

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