Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Why are South Africa so inconsistent?

They may yet put on another strong batting performance to stave off defeat against India, indeed the game seems tailor made for a big Smith hundred ably assisted by the likes of Kallis and Amla, but why are South Africa so inconsistent?

Just a few days ago they were making India look a bunch of rank amateurs, completing an innings and six runs victory, and yet now they're staring down the barrel of the same result. Their batting has plenty of quality, even if Prince and Duminy are walking wickets at present, Kallis, Smith, Amla, ABdV - all class performers.

They're strong in the bowling too, Steyn is the best in the business at the moment, Morkel, while only devastating on certain pitches, is undoubtedly a handful more often than not and Kallis is very useful. Parnell is still very raw but will probably grow into a good bowler (and a useful lower order bat too). Their main weakness is in the spinning, Harris is a worthy performer, but I can't stand watching him bowl that outside leg line, its an insult!

So why don't they string together loads of wins? Maybe its in their heads, they do have a reputation as having a tendency to choke, so perhaps the pressure of a 'favourites' tag is too much for them to bear? That's the only solution I can see, there's too much quality in that side for it to be ability-related.

At least it makes for interesting series!


greyblazer said...

SA'S problem is as you said they need a good spinner. I respect Harris as he is a honest trier and bowls within his limitations but they need a spinner who can bowl well when there is no rough to work with.

SA do depend a lot on Steyn to get wickets. Morne is ok but at present he can be good only on certain wickets like Johannesburg and it has to be said that it is rare to find wickets that are as quick and bouncy as Johannesburg. Parnell is a promising bowler but is raw.

Smith, De Villiers and Kallis are class players and it is good to see that Amla doing well. Opposition bowlers though have found out flaws in Duminy's technique and Prince too is struggling for form.

SA are a good side but as I pointed out they have a few problems especially with regards to their bowling as they depend a lot on Steyn.

GreenJJ said...

Fortunately for them Steyn happens to be the best bowler in the world at the moment, by some distance if you ask me! Maybe Imran Tahir is the answer to their problems?