Friday, 19 February 2010

Eoin Morgan is my hero

Along with Ramps and Sehwag. What a player, I haven't yet seen his innings from today's Twenty20 which England won at a canter by seven wickets, but I've got it Sky Plussed and it might just be one of the few things I don't delete in the ever present quest to keep the memory above 50%...

He took his sweet time today, at one point he had 10 runs off 20 balls, a strike rate of 50 in Twenty20 cricket is a veritable hanging offence. But he knew what he was doing - at the back end of his innings, the business end if you like, he went berserk, he took 32 runs off Umar Gul's last 9 deliveries. That's the same Umar Gul who took 5 for 6 against New Zealand and 4 for 8 against Australia and has a T20 strike rate of 12...Morgan just swept him aside.

His kind of confidence and ability is tailor made for Twenty20, but that's not to say he couldn't transfer that ability into the longer forms. Certainly he should be a mainstay of the ODI middle order. But is he, as the heroic Rob Smyth (he put a link to my blog on the Guardian OBO today!) put it, "the next cab on the test rank"? His record in four day cricket to this point isn't spectacular - his average is 36, with 6 hundreds in 48 matches, but a player with his kind of temperament and destructive potential would be a real bonus for our test side's middle order.

I don't think it'll be too long before he's given a go in the test side, he has claimed he's not ready yet, but I reckon if push comes to shove he'll have enough faith in his own ability to make a success of it.

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