Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Honeymoon Period

It's here folks, the moment some of you probably thought would never arrive. How could a man who devotes such a significant portion of his life ever fine someone willing to marry him? Well I did, and now its time for my honeymoon.

An inopportune moment for such a thing I know as we remain in contention to defend our CB40 title and struggle to retain our first division status. I won't be back until the final day of the final game (if it goes that far), but there's only one time in my life when I'm going on my honeymoon!

I would like to wish the team the very best of luck. We've had a rough time of it this season, so much emotion and upheaval but credit to the players who didn't throw the towel in. When it might have been easier to write this season off as lost, they haven't given in. We may yet be playing second division cricket next season but it won't be for want of trying.

Of course I hope we're not, and with a win and a couple of draws in the final three games we should be able to keep our heads above water. I'll keep an eye on things from the West Coast of America, as long as my other half doesn't notice.

See you in three weeks!


Rob D. said...

Congratulations - I love the West Coast of America.

Let's hope you get back to good news!

miltonkeynesman said...

Josh - it is perhaps time to resurrect the old joke "Holiday of a Lifetime? Never again!". Go and enjoy it. You can get Churchy all over the world.

We can do it.

Best wishes

GreenJJ said...

Thanks very much chaps, fingers crossed!