Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New season, new Chairman, new Chief Exec...new leaf?

By now its old news that we have a new Chief Executive, Richard Gould, poached from Somerset where he was held in the very highest regard. Of course the Chairman is also different from 2010, Richard Thompson replaced David Stewart in October of last year. That completes (or does it?) a remarkable clearout over the last two and a half years since Alan Butcher departed in September 2008. Of the playing staff who turned out in the last few games of 2008 only four men remain - Ramprakash, Meaker, Dernbach and Spriegel.

Obviously the Chairman and the Chief Executive have less of an impact on the cricketing side, its their job to keep the club in the black among other things. With a staff roughly 20% smaller than it was in the middle of 2010 that will be a case of doing more with less, though they will hope that the draw of India and Sri Lanka - one test and two ODIs between them - will alleviate some of the financial pressures.

The real test of course remains on the pitch where again there has been a certain amount of upheaval. Out goes Stewart Walters, and as we all know in come Arafat, Maynard and de Bruyn, along with Tait for the Twenty20s. We may see a good deal less of Tremlett, Davies and Dernbach too.

The mettle of young stars like Roy, Meaker, Maynard and even Hamilton-Brown himself will be tested this season. We know they have talent in spades, but can they convert that into regular wins for the club? The average age of a likely starting XI come April will almost certainly be a good deal closer to 20 than 30, to expect too much of such a young side would be foolish, but we should expect at the very least a marked improvement on 2010 - especially in the longer form of the game where they fell shortest last season.

I don't wish to prejudice my more complete 'predictions 2011' posts coming in the next few weeks so I'll say no more. However suffice it to say I am mighty excited about the coming season!


Symo said...

I am also excited ... this winter seems to be dragging on and on! Less than a month to go now...

I am feeling strangely optimistic, despite feeling sure that the almost inevitable loss of Tremlett will be a huge blow. I'm hoping some of the younger players are now a bit more ready to step up, and I agree with your earlier post that Dernbach should come back a much improved player after his winter with the Lions (hopefully he won't be required by them too much over the summer - same goes for Davies!).

The new signings are all good solid county players so should add some good experience to what is a relatively young team.

Am hoping Brown and Jordan will be able to play more significant parts this season too.

My only concern is the opening partnership. Hopefully Brown can partly solve that at some point, but he hasn't played for so long. And whether Roy/Harinath/Lancefield will be consistent enough I don't know.

But in general ... 2011 season - bring it on!

GreenJJ said...

Afternoon Symo

I can't actually remember how many games Davies missed with the Lions last season, think it was only a couple, hopefully it won't be any worse this season.

Good point about the openers, huge gap in our ability last season in the CC, Brown (if he's back to the same Brown as before) will add some stability and I presume they will stick with Lancefield as his partner, though going with Roy again wouldn't be the worst idea.

Glad you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

Tim V said...

Certainly looking forward to it - bring it on!

Chappers said...

Jade has had the big phone call!!