Monday, 2 August 2010

David Cameron: Cricketer

It will come as no surprise to most that as a public school toff, David Cameron's probably played a bit of cricket. However until now I only suspected he was an opportunistic slogger, this video confirms it:

I am unsure of the age of the bowler, but given the look of the rest of the kids around he probably isn't very old. However Cameron displays no mercy in dispatching the poor individual for what looks to be two sizeable sixes.

In the first he has the look of a batting tailender, Chris Tremlett or Jade Dernbach perhaps. He sets himself up quite nicely but thereafter it isn't great, his head is all over the shop and he can't be said to be terribly well balanced. When the bowler delivers his eyes light up and he extravagantly sashays down the wicket, slogging it miles, followed by a smug look of satisfaction, and quite right too. The bowler must have seen him coming because it looks a touch short, to his credit Cameron continued with the shot anyway and he got full value for it.

The second shot is more impressive though, a withering pull shot well in front of square which again looks to go high and handsome, he pirouettes for good measure and again admires his handywork. Up yours ten year old bowler. Its not a great ball to be honest, it sits right up and asks the Prime Minister for the treatment which he duly delivers.

In a cruel twist of fate, after probably winning the Ashes in his head with those two magnificent sixes, he is then forced to shake hands with Kapil Dev. That said, I suspect Cameron was indeed a supporter of the ICL over Modi's IPL brainchild, considering (wrongly in my view) the Hyderabad Heroes a superior moniker to the Deccan Chargers. Sure, there's a lot to be said for alliteration, but the Deccan Chargers have that themetune.

One thing we've all learned from that: the PM has got a decent eye. Mind you, you could've said that about his predecessor too....


Anonymous said...

He seems to fancy short-pitched deliveries

And, good call with the little Gordon Brown/eye joke at the end there ;)

GreenJJ said...

Hehe, glad you liked the joke, I don't mean to kick a man when he's down, but I couldn't pass up that opportunity!