Friday, 9 July 2010

Late homework

Apologies for the late post on this one, I was left drowning my sorrows yesterday evening after Middlesex returned the favour by giving us a comprehensive 7 wicket thrashing with a couple of overs to spare last night.

There was a moment early on, when Surrey were 9-2 after three overs when I thought we might even approach the performance of the Gloucestershire game, and if it wasn't for Spriegel and Wilson at the end picking up a few, we may well have been staring down the barrel of our lowest total ever.

It wasn't just that our best batsmen got out, it was the manner in which they got out. Ramps and Rory ran themselves out before the seventh over was out, on both occasions there was no run. Younus and Symonds were both tamely caught and bowled off the bowling of Smith and the most culpable of all was Stewart Walters, treading on his stumps while flicking a single to square leg. Jason Roy was out caught behind, I have to say I didn't hear a thing, but I was rather a long way away.

It was just utter stupidity and in complete contrast to the vast strides the team have made over recent weeks. I wish I could say it was down to inexperience but Hamilton-Brown aside, all of the above are experienced first class cricketers. They should not be popping up caught and bowled chances when the side is already deep in the mire.

The bowlers were again left with a thankless task. Nel bowled quickly and accurately, Tremlett was his usual self although a touch on the expensive side, Schofield was economical if rarely threatening and Spriegel picked up another couple of wickets. On the down side, Symonds' bowling seems to have regressed to the point where he can barely be termed an all rounder any longer, two four balls an over (at the very least) is not what you expect for a man of his considerable experience.

I imagine that now puts the kibosh on our hopes of reaching the quarter finals. It further reduces our net run rate and puts us well behind the curve. It goes without saying that a win tonight is a must, but even that might not be enough.


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Couldn't believe what was happening, had expected you guys would put up a hell of a fight. It is really weird that both teams win the respective away matches by such margins. Churchy suspected that the Middlesex batsmen were also targeting Tremlett ("a tiny little bit"). However, now we are even :)


~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

GreenJJ said...

I had a feeling before the game that we'd really struggle, and boy did we live up to that. Some really brainless cricket. Good tactic to target Trem, he's our best by a mile so if you can get at him you're done....I hope no one else cottons on!