Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A New Low

That might not be quite statistically accurate, Surrey surpassed their lowest ever T20 total of 94 set in 2008 by a paltry three runs, but the performance was quite probably the worst I've ever seen in this format - by any team!

Five batsmen were out for one run, three were run out and in the entire innings only 8 boundaries were scored - none of them sixes.  Surrey were reduced to 17-5 as Ramps, Davies, Younus, Symonds and Afzaal - hundreds of tests and ODIs between them -  mustered just 7 runs.  Hamilton-Brown scored a valiant 41 from 39 balls but no one else looked up to it, or up for it for that matter.

A couple of dismissals angered me in particular.  Tremlett's run out was woeful, he didn't even try and get his bat down and was just cruising, he couldn't be bothered.  The other was Schofield who lamely propped forward to Franklin and was bowled through the gate.

Its slightly unfair to single out those two in an innings where everyone was rubbish, but I just had to mention them.  Gloucester raced to their target in under 10 overs and the match was done and dusted before 8pm.

My optimism before the match has been replaced by utter embarrassment and anger with the side.  Gloucester were good, make no mistake, but they are by no means a top quality side in this format.  The same old issues were apparent, batsmen not valuing their wicket and bowlers not doing the basics.  Nel opened the bowling with a wide and at least twice Dernbach bowled on the batsman's legs and went for four both times.  Tremlett also bowled a no ball, which with only 97 on the board, is criminal.

That was our strongest side, perhaps Brown might sneak in somewhere but I'm not convinced, and we were battered, absolutely annihilated.  It will be tough for the team to come back from this and they deserve a rocket from the management, I'm very worried about Thursday's game after this performance.


Wes said...

Well well, now you must be feeling like going on holiday :( Commiserations, it can only go upward from here.

GreenJJ said...

A permanent holiday from Surrey was on the cards last night! SO many times over the last couple of years I've said "it can only get better from here", I'm fed up with saying it!

Anonymous said...

At least it was not raining...

Anonymous said...

Does seem harsh to single out Schofield & Tremlett - they can hardly be considered major parts of the batting unit.

Oh, and rockets from management don't normally enhance team spirit.

GreenJJ said...

On reflection you're right, Schofield and Tremlett were no more to blame than the rest, I shouldn't have singled them out.

I would imagine team spirit was pretty low anyway, and a rocket doesn't have to be as bad as it sounds, I just mean they needed to be chivvied along. I accept though, that some players will react differently to that kind of stuff, and not being a professional sports coach, I suppose I'm hardly in a position to be commenting on what should and shouldn't be done. Just my thoughts!